Typical migration plan for small single server web service to new server

1. Pre-configuration step (Instalation)

  • Prepare fresh OS install with latest updates
  • Prepare OS configuration with new DC specification (ldap, monitoring, backup, syslog, automation provisioning, update, deploy, security fixes etc …)
  • Install nginx, httpd, php, mysql
  • Prepare nginx proxy configuration in disable mode
  • Setup Master-Master MySQL replication from old to new server with global read only lock on new server
  • Test that all services are perfectly working and ready for migration steps
  • Prepare maintenance window page

2. Before migration step (sync)

  • Prepare script for data files synchronization between new and old server
  • Synchronize data files

3.Communication procedure.

  • Communicate with stakeholders and customer of the service for maintenance window schedule
  • Communicate with L1, L2, L3, RD Team for scheduled maintenance window

4. Migration

  • Switch service to maintenance windows page
  • Set MySQL flush log and global read lock on old server
  • Remove MySQL global read lock on new server
  • Run synchronize script for data files
  • Enable nginx proxy on old server
  • Remove Maintenance page
  • Propagate new DNS

5. Post migration step (Checks)

  • Please be sure that DNS was well propagated thourgh world wide web
  • Check that service is working perfect and there is now need to do rollback
  • Stop all service in old DC and cancel server

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