MongoDB monitoring by Zabbix – based on mikoomi-mongodb-plugin

Hello, here is my example how to monitor mongodb by zabbix with customized mikoomi-mongodb-plugin

We need to prepare our host where zabbix server installed. We need running php 5.x with mongo extension. I’m using php-5.3.26-1 with php-pecl-mongo.

When you double check that your php with mongo extension properly working and you have network access from your zabbix server to host where mongodb have to be monitored. You can copy mikoomi-mongodb-plugin files to zabbix server external scripts directory (figure out it from /etc/zabbix/zabbix_server.conf).

My customized scripts:


Also you need to apply MongoDB template:


Link current template to active mongodb instance. You can troubleshoot through zabbix_server.log and /tmp/mongodb* files. If you don’t need this information you can comment out all this action.

Author: GergunD

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