Category: Programming

Script for import Zabbix Templates through API

Here is small script for import Zabbix template or host through API. Templates stored in special directory with *.json file. Zabbix templates have to special prepared in json format for api requests. Script:

Zabbix script + sample + test template: zabbix_import_template.tar

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Automation and integration zabbix through api

Hello, sometime you need to automated ordinary task. Especially when you have dynamic infrastructure with automatic provisioning and configuration management. Here is small example how you can integrate and automate. There are a lot of zabbix api implementation, for example: So, i decided to use due to ability to find so examples: […]

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PostgreSQL monitoring by Zabbix

Simple bash scripts for monitoring PostgreSQL by zabbix. Zabbix template: PostgreSQL-Template.xml Zabbix agent scripts: pgsql-scripts.tar Zabbix agent userparameter file: userparameter_postgresql.conf P.S. Customized for PostgreSQL 9.2

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