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Realtime monitoring of current PGbouncer pools stats

Hello, on some project i’m using PGbouncer for PostgreSQL connections pooling. So, that’s nice to have ability to get top style stats for connection in pool and real connection to server. Here is small single line bash script for monitoring:

Example: database | user | cl_active | cl_waiting | sv_active | sv_idle | sv_used […]

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PostgreSQL monitoring by Zabbix

Simple bash scripts for monitoring PostgreSQL by zabbix. Zabbix template: PostgreSQL-Template.xml Zabbix agent scripts: pgsql-scripts.tar Zabbix agent userparameter file: userparameter_postgresql.conf P.S. Customized for PostgreSQL 9.2

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PGFouine mail reports of db statistics – daily

PGFouine mail reports of db statistics – daily Here is script for /etc/cron.daily that will dilvery you by e-mail PostgreSQL statistics on daily basis


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