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How to optimize WordPress for best performance ?

I’d like to share with you my LAMP configuration for good WordPress performance. I have admit that my configuration contains: Nginx – 1.10.x , PHP – 7.0.x and MySQL 5.7.  In my case EPEL, MySQL57-community, Remi repos were used. Let’s start from Nginx main configuration file.

As you can see Nginx configured for GZIP […]

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Wait for MySQL service in loop

I have no mysql client except php mysql driver on application node, that’s why small mysql ping script have to be done. Small sample here :

You can set execution bit by:  chmod +x mysql_ping.php Let’s run mysql_ping in loop: while ! `./mysql_ping.php`; do sleep 1; done && echo 'MySQL is alive' Results when MySQL server is down:

Successful Results:


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