Author: GergunD

How to optimize WordPress for best performance – part2 ?

In previous post i’ve shared simple Nginx configuration with proxy_pass_cache. Such configuration looks good for static pages and rare changed content with manual cache purge. But what if you have quite active blog with frequent updates. There is no problem with caching on Nginx side, but in case of changes in content – cache should […]

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Simple Nginx configuration for Symfony application

I guess somebody of your could ask for: “How to configure Nginx for Symfony application?”. Here small template to start from:


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How to optimize WordPress for best performance ?

I’d like to share with you my LAMP configuration for good WordPress performance. I have admit that my configuration contains: Nginx – 1.10.x , PHP – 7.0.x and MySQL 5.7.  In my case EPEL, MySQL57-community, Remi repos were used. Let’s start from Nginx main configuration file.

As you can see Nginx configured for GZIP […]

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